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by - December 08, 2016


Christmas Jumper Day is just around the corner on 16th December and although I don't actually need any new ones as I bought four after Christmas last year (who else loves half price sales?)  I do keep having a little look around all the websites just to see whats around and thought I would make a list of my favourites!

        From left to right: (top) Boohoo: £18, Boohoo: £15, Boohoo: £15. 
(bottom) Topshop: £36, Boohoo: £15, New Look: £14.99.

I actually own two of these Boohoo ones from last year but I have to be honest and say that overall I'm a little disappointed with this years general selection of Christmas jumpers, I'm very relieved that I took advantage of the January sales!  Have you fallen in love with any jumpers so far this month or do you share my feeling?

If you want to have a nose at my selection of Christmas jumpers then just follow me on instagram because they will all be making an appearance on there over the next few weeks!

love el

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