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by - December 06, 2016


Everyone knows that December means one thing: add glitter! To everything; eyes, nails, head, shoes...just add glitter! It's pretty, totally festive and there's nothing that brightens up a grey day like a sparkle of glittery shimmer.  With this in mind there could be no other topic for todays blogmas post than a collection of some of my favourite sparkly products that I'm loving right now! (to be honest I'm writing this in November but I have a limited number of pretty sparkly glittery things and I'm 99% sure that I will still be loving the same ones in December..)

Eye make up wise the top right in this Sleek i-Divine Au Naturel Palette is perfect for glittering up your normal every day make up; for during the day usage I team it up with mascara and a tinted lipbalm but at night I bring out the eyeliner, dark lipstick and an extra swoosh from the palette to really make it stand out!  I'm also loving this No.7 Stay Perfect eye shadow in the shade 'Mink' which I've had for years but again is a perfect day-to-night choice; it's light enough to be worn during the day for classes or work (and it's amazing staying power + a primer means it actually does stay all day) but it is also shimmery enough to go straight to the party afterwards!

Nail varnish wise I am totally involved in a one sided love affair with the glitter top coat from Avon..it's one sided because I adore it but can I put it on a single nail without managing to make a total mess? No I cannot; and as I don't have this issue with any other colours I have to face facts and accept the truth that my beautiful nail varnish has a mind of its own and completely despises me.  Other colours / glitter varnishes I am loving at the moment and am planning on wearing for the rest of the month include the pictured four from Barry M (sparkling ruby, fashion icon, snowflake and I've used it so much the label has rubbed off so it's nameless but pretty..),  and this bright red glitter from H&M.

And last but definitely not least is my two current favourite lipsticks!  To be totally honest with you neither of them are actually glittery..and neither of them are new releases either as I've had them both for about a year now but they are such pretty wintery colours that I just had to include them!  In the photo they look identical for some reason but they look quite different when they're on.  Top right is a Collection 2000 in the shade 'Amethyst Shine' and is a little bit more pink than the red tones of 'Ruby' from Avon on the bottom but both are my go-to favourites for the christmas / winter months!

Have you got a favourite glittery shimmery product that you're loving at the moment? Let me know; and definitely please point me in the direction if pretty nail varnish colours because I'll never have enough of them.
love el

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  1. I love using glitter top coats in the festive season, Rimmel do a really lovely silver one

    Emily x | emilyclairewrites.com