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by - December 05, 2016


When I was little Christmas was my favourite time of year; there was loads of food, my family was often around and presents were often the only thing on my mind; as a teenager I still enjoyed it but for some reason the shine had gone; but now I'm twenty and have fully accepted that I am and probably always will be a Christmas-obsessed child at heart!

Growing up we had Christmas Eve traditions that we still do now but for rest of December I've always had different traditions in each stage of my life.

At high school the last day of term was always compulsory (unless it snowed) but not one single book was opened during the day; in the morning the school would walk down to the church for the carol service; years 7 to nine first and then years 10 and 11 a couple of hours later;  I was in the choir so had to be there for the entire morning and despite us all being absolutely freezing I have so many good memories from those hours!
 Once we'd all stomped our way back up to school again and had lunch it was time for the school talent show oh so originally titled "DHS's Got Talent" and naturally each year always included a various selection of cringe-worthy teachers; but to be honest those afternoons were amazingly fun.

During university I've lived with the same few girls since first year but for Christmas we extend our little family out to include boyfriends and other friends / former flatmates and have a proper Christmas dinner; roast chicken, vegetables, pigs in blankets..the whole works!  Each person gets assigned something to be in charge of and we all work together (and get completely in each others way) to make dinner.  
As part of our meal in first year we all had to wear something Christmassy and last year we decided to make this a tradition and each year everyone has to add something to their outfit..with the expectation and belief that we're going to continue to have Christmas meals long into the future and gradually each resemble a chaotic Christmas mash-up!  This year I wore my old Christmas Jumper and Santa boppers and my new addition this year will be a pair of Christmas leggings!

Looking back through the years it's so clear to me that even though my habits and traditions
have changed or altered slightly the joyful, silly, wonderful spirit of Christmas is something that has never faded, and I'm not going to let it either! 

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Let me know in the comments!
love el

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