3rd blogmas / a card full of cheer

by - December 03, 2016


I'm sending out all my christmas cards tomorrow now I've bought more stamps because it turns out there's lots of things to remember when you're trying to be a christmassy adult away from home and having enough stamps for the number of cards you're planning on sending is one of them..

To me making a list of everyone I want to send a card to is part of the fun!  Checking off each person and adding their card to the growing pile, hands covered in glitter because the best cards are the sparkly cards and of course it doesn't all stay glued to the front.  It's something I've done since primary school and we had a paper post post box in the hall for everyone to put their cards into for it to be emptied and delivered to your desk like a proper post system (this only worked because it was a village school with about seventy pupils..) and I always loved it!

But instead of a paper post box this year the lovely Katie came up with the amazing idea of a blogger Christmas Card swap and being a) a christmas lover and b) a christmas card lover I of course said yes I was interested about five seconds after she first tweeted about it (I wasn't stalking I promise.)  Everyone who wanted to get involved told her their address and she put them all together in a nice table and emailed it round to us all; we could decide whether we wanted to send a card to everyone or just those we knew or close our eyes and pick someone at random!

So the other day I sat down with a collection of pretty pens, put on the Glee christmas albums as my soundtrack and wrote out all my Christmas cards!  Some I'll be putting in the post tomorrow and some will be coming home with me later this month to be hand delivered around the village (partly because it's nice, slightly because stamps are expensive, but mostly because even though we've been friends for years I don't actually know the written addresses of some people..oops.)  And now I'm even more in a Christmassy mood than before, I blame the glitter!

Are you a fellow Christmas card fan? Let me know what your favourite part about them is!

love el

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  1. Awww that's sweet, I remember handing out Christmas cards when I was in primary and secondary school. As we grow older, we don't do it as often. Love this post.

    Tajinder | www.musicgeekonline.co.uk

  2. Aw thanks for the shout out Eloise! I'm so excited for Christmas cards! Although I feel like the ones I sent this year could've been better... Can't wait to read tomorrow's post!