2nd blogmas / secret santa ideas

by - December 02, 2016

hello and welcome to day two of blogmas!

My housemates / friends and I always do a secret santa and I know it's a really popular thing with lots of groups so I thought for todays post I would create a little list of simple but nice presents to get for your secret santa!  Some of these could also be possible stocking fillers and I've tried to for a budget of around or under £10. (Also my apologies but this post is a little bit female aimed; purely because all my friends involved in secret santa for the past few years have been female.)

First up is the trusty old faithful..mugs!
You can personalise them, buy them in sets (ones which come with little hot chocolate packets are always a good shout!) or combine it with a couple of small things; in the past I've bought a solo mug and filled it with nail varnish and chocolate! Add some glittery tissue paper and hey presto Merry Christmas to them!  One I found this year that I really liked is this metallic hot chocolate set from Debenhams just because it's really cute!

A second firm favourite of mine is to create a little mini hamper which you can fill with a few nice things; a posh lip-balm (when I say "posh" I really just mean not vaseline..), a nail varnish or two, any thing that you know they would like / appreciate!

There's a really cool company who make hot chocolate spoons which you essentially dunk into and stir around hot milk until it melts and becomes a really yum drink; I can whole-heartedly recommend the tiramisu one..heaven in a mug!

Candles are another idea (obviously please check that a) they like candles and b) are allowed candles if they live in student housing!); a beautifully scented candle presented with a ribbon tied round it is visually a good present as well as being pro-relaxing pamper evenings.

One site which is a total goldmine for presents (secret santa or other wise) is Not On The High Street but this is more useful if you know the person quite well as you can get some really lovely personalised items on there! (It's also great for procrastinating and pretending you have the biggest budget in the world and a house to redecorate...)

Additionally rings and necklaces can be really good presents, and nowadays you can find ones that link into every obsession or trend going as well as more classic understated pieces; and if all else fails a nice smelling bath set can be found in pretty much every shop going!

love el

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*Disclaimer:  I am not connected to or benefiting in anyway from any of the products or companies included in this post*

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  1. Really love this post idea, Eloise! I always struggle to think of cite secret Santa gifts so this is a lifesaver! I'm definitely going to go with your mug idea, it's a practical but still really cute gift! Thanks for sharing! 🎄

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  2. Loved reading this Eloise, those hot chocolate on sticks look delish. It's a must try for me 😁 Xxx

  3. Can't go wrong with chocolate for secret Santa gifts - the mug one is super cute and very Blogger worthy! Thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk