15th blogmas / fifteen festive favourites

by - December 15, 2016


What better post to upload on the 15th day of Blogmas than the 15 Festive Favourites Tag?  I haven't actually been tagged to do it but I found it floating around the internet a while ago and figured why not give it a go!

Snowman Accessory:  it just has to be a giant smile made out of stones, no snowman is complete without one. (starts humming 'you're never fully dressed without a smile'..)

Tradition: my brother always wakes me up and we go downstairs; make mum (and myself) a cup of tea and then go and sit on her bed with our stockings and I just love it; it's so simple but for me it signals the start of the whole day.

 Film: As cute as some of them are I just have to go with Love Actually, it's adorable, heartwarming, heartbreaking and hilarious and I just absolutely love it!

Christmas Decoration: In our lounge we used to have a little village scene and it light up and slowly went through a colour wheel and I absolutely loved it! As a kid I would just watch endleslly it as it slowly changed colours and I was a little bit heartbroken when my mum stop putting it out.

Reindeer: Rudolph! the red-nosed reindeeeeer..

Present: Even now I'm twenty I still get a surprise present from 'Santa' which is always something I haven't asked for / have no idea what it is so it's always lovely to open that because it keeps the element of Christmas surprise alive so I guess that one!  (Childhood throwback: I got a scooter one year, I think I was about 5? And I loved that thing to absolute pieces..literally I used it so much it became practically unusable..)

Cracker Toy: the flippy fortune fish! My brother and I always have to fight to the death if someone else gets one to decide which of us has a go first.

Candle Scent: I'm a little bit of a candle freak but I am really loving the 'Christmas Eve' one by Yankee; give it a sniff next time you see it in a shop and let me know if you agree that it is Christmas in a candle!

Day of Christmas: I love all of them so much but I think it has to be Christmas Day itself! 

Song: 'Step Into Christmas' by Elton John is my favourite christmas song.

Festive Food: mince pies mince pies mince pies! I love them! (Also pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, Christms pudding..pretty much any food at all apart from the actual Christmas cake; yuck.)

Cracker Joke:  I honestly can't think of any right now..they're all horribly cheesy though.

Place: forgive me for the mushiness but my favourite place to be at Christmas just has to be at home with my family.

Christmas Fact: ooh I don't know! 

You're supposed to tag people to do this but I'm pretty sure most people have got all their blogmas posts planned so I'm going to make it an open tag and you can answer them in your own post if you want but feel free to read and ignore if you wish!

love el

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